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Richard H. Haupt

Qingdao Miller & Englehardt Co., Ltd., created in July, 2012, mainly sells the chemical powder for metallurgy industry invented by Richard H. Haupt.

Mr. Haupt, born in America, 86 years old (till year 2012), engages in brass permanent molding industry in all his life till now. He discovered several metallurgical chemical powders. Among them, I75L mold-release agent was invented in year 1976 while Desofin grain refiner was invented in year 1982. These inventions converges his valuable practice and experience of more than 50 years in this industry.

Mr. Haupt once worked in 27 countries including America as metallurgical consultant. As of this reason, many governments and big companies knew his inventions and tried to use them and are quite satisfied with them. Since then, the reputation of these powders spreads from mouth to mouth in the metallurgy industry though Mr. Haupt did not do any marketing work. Finally it favors the large-scale production of his inventions.

As the bright market prospect of China, Mr. Haupt invested and created Qingdao Miller & Englehardt Co., Ltd. in order to provide better goods and better prices to the customers all over the world.

Qingdao Miller & Englehardt would like to provide charge free technical advices to all our clients for life!


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