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Letter From The Inventor:

Dear Friends, Present Customers, Past Customers and Future Customers:

I, Mr. Richard H. Haupt, a metallurgical engineer, write this letter to thank you for your loyalty to me as my customer since 1983.

You may recall that I invented a product in the late seventies while I was working as a metallurgical consultant for Frederick Grohe ITT in Germany as a matter of necessity. This product is now called DesofinTM worldwide and hot tears/cracks and comet tails are defects no longer.

It was necessary to get the world manufacturers of plumbing hardware to adapt my chemical composition for the brass used worldwide.

Prior to my invention of DesofinTM the permanent mold casting via hand gravity or low pressure KWC and IMR could only count on 60% of the castings made as useful for machining and finishing.

Please understand that if you use my chemical composition and do your own grain refining with DesofinTM you can easily obtain 95% good castings. One fact that you must be aware of is that although the grain size obtained is constant after ten remeltings; however the fluidity of the liquid brass has only one occurrence and then disappears.

It means that you are losing the advantage of the fluidity phenomena when you purchase” fine grain ingot” for remelting. Do it yourself and win big!

Allow me to please explain. I also invented two master alloys for Grohe and one was Al-Mg-B and the second one Cu-Ph-B. The first one was quickly obtained(stolen)by a major aluminum grain refiner in Holland and this outfit sold this alloy worldwide to ingot makers. Unfortunately, this master alloy requires six kilograms for 1000kg of brass and there is no improvement of fluidity whatsoever. This means that you can count on 10/15% casting scrap minimum using your automated low pressure casting machines with purchased fine grain ingot. WHY?

Since there is no fluidity improvement you must use thicker walls and use a 10/15% higher furnace pressure and a 50℃ higher metal casting temperature! And pay as higher ingot price for the “grain refined brass” and this is generally more expensive because someone has to pay for 6kgs of my master alloy invention and it only require 150grams per metric ton with the use of DesofinTM and the cost is minimal.

When you adapt my process described here I will inform you how to use 100% run around scrap and reduce your DesofinTM to half of the normal required!

Also if you really have a large quantity to melt annually, i.e. 10,000 metric tons, I will advise you how to save roughly one million dollars per month using your machine turnings plus a small percentage of #1 copper scrap and low lead zinc! The beauty of this process you will only melt your brass one time on the way to becoming a good casting. This process is called duplexing.

Finally I will help you solve metallurgical problems as they occur in your foundry on a no charge basis. You only communicate with me via FAX/email for this help.

WELCOME aboard everyone. Let us make our business more successful this coming year!


Richard H. Haupt


MSDS of Desofin grain

Desofin TM-Expected Results for Various Copper

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